The Night After (The Morning Before) Album

2016 saw the release of Graham’s latest recording `The Night After (The Morning before).

Previews from The Night After (The Morning Before)

My Next Great Affair

The song of a man desperate for love.


Don’t blame anyone else, it is your life.

The Night After (The Morning Before)

In the Morning we say ‘never again’ but by the evening, there we are, at it…..again


Varosha 1
Varosha 2
Varosha 3

The town of Varosha has been in limbo since 1974 and its past beauty lost as it decays in ‘no mans land’ - a true story.

What you're saying about The Night After (The Morning Before)

The CD has landed! Thank you so much for sending it down. I sneaked it into the office yesterday as I was working on my own and played it whilst filling in my spreadsheets. I have to say I am very impressed that you'd written everything yourself as well! You must be really pleased with the finished result and I hope that you have great success with it - will definitely try to come up to one of your gigs one day.
Just listening to your new album & really enjoying it. Very thought-provoking and will linger in the memory. Many thanks for sending.
Hi Graham, Great album. We have listened to it several times so feel ready to give you feedback. I liked 'The Parting'. Thought it had quite a Ralph McTellesque flavour to it. The lyrics in Pissed off with me and Drinking on a school night struck a chord with me. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I am very impressed! Listening I did feel a little worried and Hope the more melancholy tracks are not too autobiographical. Thanks for sending me a copy
Hi Graham, - track one was included in the show last night - a very good CD by the way. Best wishes

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