Sample Lyrics

My Next Great Affair

Saturday night and I’m all alone on my own, Nobody phoned.
Wasted my time doing so many, many things, No one to ring
Early to bed, late to rise
I wonder what the colour of her eyes will be?
Will she have blond or flowing black hair? 
Beggars can’t be choosers, I really don’t I care
Other love clichés I could bring to bear
But who will share my next great affair
Ego in tatters, battered and bruised Think I’ve been used
Lucky in life, unlucky in love Scars to prove
The time has come to assert I need love and I’m tired of being hurt

I’m eating alone, I’m by my self in the park
I’m drinking alone, Getting home to find the flat dark
My hearts always cold, No fires burn
Every where I see love, it must soon be my turn

I could take her to Paris, I hear it’s so nice there, If I had the fare
Promenading arm in arm, oozing charm, Without care
In the mirror and the truth’s told I’m standing alone its dark and I’m cold