Graham Corbould presents

The Music of the Kinks - Akoustik

Music of the Kinks - Akoustik, is not a tribute band but instead a simple presentation/celebration of the great songs of Ray and Dave Davies with acoustic guitar and vocals.  It can be a celebration of just the hits or an evening of music and chat about one of the UK’s most popular bands.  Listed below are three options, but an event can be configured to your requirements.

There are three options;

Kinks Greatest Hits.

  • All the great songs we love, a great nostalgic singalong!

  • Waterloo Sunset, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Lola, Sunny Afternoon amongst others.

Music of the Kinks - Akoustik

  • The hits and other great Kink songs with stories about the band and their music.

  • Songs are taken from when they first emerged in 1963 to their last album in 1996.

  • Sir Ray Davies is credited as one of the UKs greatest songwriters, and this show takes you beyond the hits into the Kinks highly entertaining back catalogue.

Note:  The Kinks Greatest Hits is approximately a 45minute show, whereas other shows are approximately 2hours.  All content and duration of shows negotiable to suit your event.



In a career of over 30years The Kinks released 25 studio albums, had 13 Top 10 UK hits including 3 UK No 1s, spent 3.5 years in the top 40 and have written and recorded over 350 songs.  Some songs are so well know they are woven into the fabric of popular culture but there are classics which have never achieved the popularity they should have.

By the early 1970s the Kinks had been consigned by the UK music press as a bit of a novelty and during that decade the band produced shows and albums more akin to musical theatre.

During the 1980s the band were winning ‘gold records’ for albums and enjoying great success as a stadium rock band in the US, while in the UK their stock was low.  The songs kept flowing, written with the same perception, wit and melody as ever but not being taken up.

1994 saw their last album released and the bands last performance was in 1996. 32 years after “You Really Got Me” Ray and Dave Davies parted but continue writing, recording and performing separately to this day, with persistent rumours of working together again.


Just a few of the songs on offer, please see The Acoustic Covers page for more details on non-Kinks music..

Just a few of the songs on offer, please see The Acoustic Covers page for more details on non-Kinks music..

Graham Corbould, a fan since seeing The Kinks in 1973 at the Festival Hall (at a very tender age), was struck by the content of many of the less well-known songs and the 'music-hall' accessibility of the songs..  Over the years has performed solo and in a range of bands, always mixing in Kinks songs, hits and the obscure.  Graham was delighted recently when booked for a wedding with the Oakland Brothers, the happy couple asked for 'Strange Effect' as their first dance.

A song writer himself, he spent a week with Ray Davies who was mentoring a song writing worship run by the Arvon Arts Charity.  Entry was via submission of work, so it was an honour to be chosen!

An inspiration for The Kinks-Akoustik was a show Graham devised and arranged for Bob Dylan's 70th birthday.  Held at the prestigious Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford, Graham presented songs and stories about Bob Dylan's long career and included a String Quartet, Rock Band, guest singers and instrumentalists and a children's choir!  The Kinks-Acoustic is the opposite in that it is a stripped down presentation of the songs highlighting the lyrical content.