The ‘KinKs played AKoustiK’ is Graham Corbould’s simple presentation and celebration of the great songs of The Kinks with just acoustic guitar and vocals. The full show is a live performance of music and stories about one of the UK’s most popular bands. The  “Greatest Hits” show is a shorter, punchy singsong of their best known songs.

“Really enjoyed last Friday night.  Found it very entertaining and learnt a lot that I didn’t previously know!”
— Alan M via email
“We were thrilled to hear so many great Kinks tunes floating out of their room and to see so many people enjoying getting involved!”
— Management of The Clissold Arms (The pub dubbed "The Home of the Kinks" as thats where they started!)
  • The Kinks hits, along with a selection of their other great songs, with stories about the band and their music.  Both upbeat and entertaining, not just for the die-hard fan.

  • The bands story is divided into a number of chapters  which illustrate various aspects of their history punctuated with great Kinks songs.

  • The story, and songs, map from when the band first emerged in 1963 to their last album in 1994.

  • Sir Ray Davies is recognised as one of the UK’s greatest songwriters.  The show takes you through his observations and reflects the brilliance of his lyrics and melodies.

The Kinks Greatest Hits.

  • All the great songs we love, a great nostalgic singalong!

  • “Waterloo Sunset”, “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”, “Lola”, “Sunny Afternoon” amongst others.


In a career of over 30 years, The Kinks released 24 studio albums; had 13 Top 10 UK hits including 3 UK No 1s; spent 3.5 years in the top 40 and have written and recorded well over 350 songs.  Some songs are so well-know they are woven into the fabric of popular culture but there are others which have never achieved the popularity they richly deserve.

In the 1960s the Kinks were at the forefront of the pop music revolution and a household name, up there with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

In the 1970s they were seen as a bit of a ‘greatest hits act’ yet produced concept albums and stage shows more akin to musical theatre.

During the 1980s The Kinks enjoyed great success as a stadium rock band in the US.  While their albums were winning ‘gold records’ in the US, in the UK their stock was still low.  The MTV/music video revolution helped raise their profile, making “Come Dancing” a hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1982.  The songs kept flowing, written with the same perception, wit and melody as ever.

1994 saw their last album released and the band’s last performance was in 1996. 32 years after “You Really Got Me” Ray and Dave Davies drifted apart but continue to write, record and perform individually to this day, and there are persistent rumours of their working together as The Kinks at some point soon.

Graham, a long term fan of the band since he saw them a long time ago at the Festival Hall, came up with the idea after talking to a guy after performing a couple of Kinks songs in a pub gig and the man said “I know all the Kinks songs” and proceeded to list 4! He also assumed they had disappeared around 1968, so it was decided the story had to be told. Graham, a song-writer himself, has spent a week with Ray Davies at a song-writing workshop run by the Arvon Arts Charity.

Just a few of the songs on offer.

Just a few of the songs on offer.


Sources for the stories are;

X-Ray by Ray Davies

Kink by Dave Davies

The Kinks Official Biography by Jon Savage

Americana Vol 1 & 2 by Ray Davies

A Complicated Life by Johnny Rogan