News - July 2019

  • Open Mic News!! The Anchor (formerly The Blue Anchor) in Bridgen Road Bexleyheath, has asked Dave Pyne and myself to host The Anchor Sessions which will have a featured act plus an Open Mic session. The idea is to give regular attendees the opportunity of a longer set so we can hear what you do in a longer form. Very friendly pub, plenty of parking, bus stop outside and lots and lots of lovely drinks.

    Wednesday 31st July and the last Wednesday of the month thereafter.

    The May act to be announced.

    The House Rules/Open Mic thoughts:

    • Email with any questions you have regarding kit, band size etc. It is an Open mic so we look for a very quick turnaround between acts. We anticipate mainly solos and duos, if there are likely to me more, please let me know so we can make sure we have the right kit (or warn you we haven’t!).

    • Open Mic spots are usually first come, first served; please don’t turn up at 9.30 and be disappointed if you don’t get on. The guest will play the last 30/35mins of the night. If you are coming a long way to be here, please let me know and I can reserve a spot.

    • The Open Mic is largely ‘plugged in’ acoustic.

    • All styles are welcome, as are group sizes, but remember the longer you take to set up , the less time you have to play.

    • Not wishing to teach people to suck eggs but, we will give you notice a couple of songs before you are on, so use the time to tune up and prepare. Nothing turns an audience off more than opening your act by saying “not sure what to play tonight” then spending 5 minutes trying different beginnings, then having a quick tune!

    • CHECK YOUR GUITAR BATTERIES if you don’t usually play amped up and they have not been renewed in a while. Spare strings never hurt either.

    • Lyrics and chords on a phone are fine but sometimes it maybe easier to print the page save trying to scroll while playing. (Music Stand provided)

      Remember we are looking for guest acts and all these factors count.

  • I will be playing an Kinks played Akoustik set at The Pelton Arms on Sunday 21st July. Free entry

  • Plans are underway for the annual Bird in Hand Music Ale and Cider Festival - 3 days of drink and song. More details will follow but if you wish to play please get in touch.